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LedXtreme L.E.D. Flashlights - Super white L.E.D's (Light Emitting Diodes) represent the future of lighting. L.E.D's emit a brilliant white light similar to that of actual sunlight. The result, true color definition and distinction not a pale yellow color. These small flashlights are extremely efficient and because there are no bulbs, they are shock resistant and will never burn out. These Flashlights carry a 10 year conditional warranty against manufactures defects excluding any abuse.

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The Striker  LedXtreme Flashlight

  High Intensity 1 watt L.E.D. Flashlight
  • Colimator lens
  • 2 mile true white light visibility
  • Luxeon Star L.E.D.
  • 1 watt output
  • high output specially designed 20mm optical lens
  • regulated circuitry maintaining a more consistent level of light output
  • 4-5 hours of bright continuous light
  • after that 12 extra usable light hours
  • used by security, police and film industry
  • no bulb to replace
  • push button
  • Twist to turn on
  • 5 1/4" inches long
  • uses 2 lithium 3V batteries
  • Made in Canada